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'99 9-3 auto, reverse lights stay on

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From time to time (maybe about 50% of the time actually) the reverse lights will stay on when I move the gear selector past 'R'

I have been told up and down that this is the neutral safety swtich by mutiple sources - desipite the fact that the car has always started just fine even when the reverse lights were stuck on. I also just replaced the neutral safety swtich, and I can tell you most difinitively is not the NSS.

In fact the reverse lights were still able to come on when the shift cable was not even hooked up to the NSS. This leads me to believe that there is either a swtich on the shifter housing, or a relay somewhere. Anyone have any ideas?

This is the last silly little thing I need to take care of before I really try to sell this car. I don't like my cars to have too many odd issues when I sell them, and this is certainly odd enough that I want it taken care of.

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had the same issue before i bought the viggen.

replaced the neutral safety switch with no change. pulled up the wiring diagram and it was a relay under the dash that was sticking.

forget which one it is, but it shouldn't be hard to find.
I suppose I can just start yanking relays until the reverse lights turn off :lol:

If anyone knows which relay specifically let me know, I don't recall it being on the diagram, but then I could be very wrong about that.
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