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96 900SE - Parts car or repair

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I am posting this for a buddy as he has decided to leave the car at my house. Its a Green 96 900SE 5spd 2.0T with tan leather interior. It has some weird transmission issues. It feels like the clutch cable may have stretched as you can only disengage the clutch if the pedal is on the floor. It grinds going into gear but I think that is cause by the clutch cable issue. It has a coolant leak coming from the lower coolant hose area we havent even bother to look at yet.
Asking $750 obo without the saab sport exahust and speakers/radio.


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Id be possibly interested in this for a project, I wouldn't be financially able to pay 750.00. Any price cuts?
Man, when I read the title I thought you were dumping your drag car.

I still need to come out and check out the house.
Looks like a solid little car - whynot just put the clutch cable in and fix the coolant leak? I like those wheels.
Yeah, sounds like the cable.

Love the color. Too bad the 9-3 is doing so well.
Iampepito - Possibly, depending on other interest and if I do decide to fix it.

Mark - Hell no. I dont think I will ever sell it. Just run it into the ground.

BurnsSide - Yeah its been on my list of things to do for a while and that list isnt getting any shorter.
BUMP. Anyone interested? Is a nice car.
Im actually looking for a parts car but youre a little too far away.. Damn
Ahhh I am interested. Same color as the NA... same amount of doors... I will run it by my dad, he is interested in a project. What is the deal with rust?

Kind of far away though.
Basically a copy of my car, too bad I'm not feeling rich right now, or I'd gladly take it. This auto trans in mine bores me, but at least it goes into gear properly. That's too bad such a minor issue on yours is a major nuisance.
No rust issues that I know of.
I wish I had a barn to fill with cars.. I am at my max capacity of 7 right now :( Need more parking :) Next property should allow this - but sadly at this time I can't rescue this Saab - would be a nice upgrade from my Geo.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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