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I was driving home from my friend's garage on some deserted back roads last night around 10:30, actually doing somewhat near the speed limit. I was pulling up to an intersection and I saw this yellow Type-R turn left on to the road I was about to pull onto. I've noticed this car countless times in the last few months, and have heard through the grapevine that the guy has been bragging that he will take any 4 cylinder in the area. The car has suspension work as well as a bunch of bolt ons. Needless to say I had been waiting for this day for quite a while.

I aggressively pulled out behind him and it was on. The roads we were on are all 30-40 mph roads, and at first we were kind of testing each other at 70-80mph for a couple minutes. His car stayed flatter through the corners, but I would pull WAY harder out of them. In the 3-4 miles we raced for I could have easily pulled around him several times.

We came to a three way intersection where he paused to see which way I was going, or maybe to let me lead for a while. I passed him on the left and took off.
I was haulin' full out, and for the most part he kept up, probably because of how twisty the roads are. I dusted him pretty well whenever I could get into the throttle on the straights though.

One hell of a race! Overall I'd chalk it up as a win.
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