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93, b205l engine blown (b234 old skool remedy?)

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hi there saab lovers!

please help!

i have a 1999 saab 93 se convertible, b205l. i am just looking for some direction from experienced people in order to remedy.

she is a looker for sure and deserves to be out on the road again, i had recently fitted a viggen clutch which would demonstrate my desires towards this baby, and also highlight my regret as to the neglect insured by not changing the oil! - (imbecile)

things happen for a reason and my intention is to restore the car and possibly improve to the standard of saab of days gone by!

my question is related to the b205l engine being swapped for the easily and cheaply sourced b234 (or possibly b204), i think it is obviously the WAY TO GO. i just wonder if anyone has any links to build projects or other useful information to help.

i am considering b234 bottom end with a t7 head utilising all the standard ancillaries/ecu/turbo. however if there are better solutions i am all ears.

please help your new member from the uk, i love u long time!
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dont think your car comes with a b205
almost sure its a b204
b204 or b205

going on the vin number it's a b205l high pressure, it's a uk car if that makes any difference?

black di not the red one. eco engine, 185hp i think.
It is a 1999? 1999 9-3's had B204 engines.

But if yours has a black DI and says eco on it, and you did VIN research, then you are right, and we are wrong. (I was proven wrong by a canadian 900 the other day)

Get a B204, best saab engine in my opinion.
Remember Kids the UK got 98 9-3s. It's quite possible they put the B205s in MY 99 in the UK.
mike saunders says so

so i have been doing various google searches, this car has been laying for a good year at least and this has always been my plan, to do what saab should have done, it's just a bit daunting buying the parts unless you know it will all go together!

from what i can make out it should be pretty simple for a spanner monkey like me to fit a t5 b204 or b234 bottom end onto a t7 b205 head, possibly using the 234 cams? using all the standard t7 ancillaries. i think i should be using the b204/b234 head gasket for this?
all in order for simply to have a nice reliable saab.

so we are leaning towards the b204 donor bottom end?

really appreciate your help guys, I WILL POST MY OUTCOME

i am thinking that the t7 heads are the same through the range, hopefully my head will be ok, however once i strip it down i will find out, i aint looking to get massive power, just to make it what saab would/should have made it!

sourcing junkyard parts and keeping this baby with it's nice blue colour with blue roof going for years to come for people to appreciate
u pull it

it's just that my local u pull it yard has always got a 80000 miles 9000 turbo in, they always make me think what a shame these motors have been junked.

what a throwaway society

so can some saab elders possibly swing my decision(if i am doing ok so far)?

b204 or b234 bottom end? what is best for me? i am not caring for much performance wise, all i am looking for is a nice easy conversion with plug n play and reliability and smootheness
either bottom end will be plug and play as dimensions are exactly the same. It takes the same amount of work for both so in the end its a matter of preference if you want the 2.3 or 2.0. Since you added a viggen clutch I say go for a 2.3 and get a td04 for some good fun.
yup, I would go for the b234 block and t7 head and put a td04 on it. There are many threads on this so you shouldn't have any problems putting it together.

well i have sourced the b234 complete motor with all ancillaries, fingers crossed! lol

i will keep you posted, wonder if my head is ok, should all be stripped down soon
b205l to any other engine

Someone please help. I have a 2000 9-3 with the b205l engine that is completely shot. My problem is that I dont want to get rid of the car and a used b205l engine is 3 times as much as any of the other saab engines. I know that the other motors will fit so why is it that they arent interchangeable? Is it simply a matter of changing the computer to match the replacement engine? I could get a 204r for 1/3 of a 205l. It comes with the turbo included. PLEASE HELP
Get a B204, best saab engine in my opinion.
B206 (1994) is a great engine for durability and longevity (B204 block minus balance shafts), just not all the horsepower of you turbo nuts ;) ;) at 133hp its not too bad either :) But I know no one wants an unturboed Saab these days :p
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