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For the extreme price of $375 and 20 in gas I picked up this gem

A 97 Hyundai Accent GL automatic with 157k on it

According to the previous owner it needs a water pump, I filled it up and was expecing to have a slow 40 mile drive home constantly refilling the coolant. Not the case, I beat the hell out of it for 40 miles without any coolant loss or signs of overheating.

The good, new alternator starter and torque converter.

The bad, needs a battery, swaybar endlinks, and a good cleaning, maybe 2 new tires for winter.

Future bodywork, powerwash as much paint off as possible, some fleet white paint mixed with some leftover metallic blue. hubcap and trim delete. drivers side door handles.

Upcoming performance mods? Push the button from econ to norm :cool:
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