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Quick Synopsis of what has been going on.

When the car is cold it starts as it should however after it has reached operating temperature it will turn over and fire up only to die after a few seconds. Exactly the same as if you disconnect the fuel pump it burns the fuel in the system.

I have fitted a new fuel pump (the old one always ran dry with at least 1/4 a tank of gas left - Turned out to be the label was floating around the gas tank)
The Fuel pressure regulator has been changed along with the relief valve.
The crank position sensor has also been replaced with no effect.

Today I noticed that if I sprayed wd 40 into the throttle body I could make it run long enough where it would stay running.

So I am presuming that something is switching off between the initial hot start crank where it fires up and is telling the ECU that it is not running so the ECU is either switching off the fuel pump or the injection system, maybe even both.

I am prepared to try another CPS but doubt that this would be the problem as I could bypass the issue by artificially feeding the engine until the ECU recognized it was running and kept it running.

I appreciate any suggestions to what might be causing this issue.

For further information this is a very well maintained 1996 2.3l N/A convertible, manual transmission which when it does start runs well. It does not stall or die once it is running and gets good fuel mileage.

I have read everywhere that this is always a bad CPS and accept that the new one could be faulty but do not know why it would start to work when fed fuel.

Thanks in anticipation,

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