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9000 clutch????? slipping and grabbing high?

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I just installed a new slave, a used but seems in good shape PP from a 1991 turbo 900 ( or a 9000) not sure? and a 9000 clutch disk. the clutch is engaging very high almost right before my foot comes of the pedal. the clutch slips @ 8 psi... also the pedal seems pretty soft compared to before where the pressure plate had magor wear. does not make any sense, but maybe someone can clear the water for me.
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So after a lot of research
900 clutch sisk is 8.5"
9000 turbo (1986-1990) is 9" disk and fits 900 turbo with 91-94 flywheel
9000 turbo ( 1991-1993( is 9.5 disk and i heard some people it is aon a 900.
I just orderd a new 9000 pressure plate which is the same as a the 900 91+ pressure plate. i hope this works.
your best bet is to change the entire setup to a 91-93 9k clutch,, get the flywheel, PP and disk from a 9k,, 91-93 9k has a stronger PP to that will only mount on the 9k flywheel.

i'm running a 91-93 9k clutch on my car,, although my power isn't as high as others, ive had no issues with slippage..

lastly, clean the clutch prior to install, brake clean is your friend
Thanks, but honesly i don"t think i need a 9.5" clutch. I had a 91+900 set up which uses the PP from a 9000 86-90 2.0 turbo and an 8.5" disk. and i had no issues. I think going with the 9" disc should be good enough. especially since i am looking into installing an aluminum flywheel and the 9.5 (91+ 9000 turbo clutch) will not work with the aluminum fly. plus the added weight of thr 9.5 you know?
i think my issue is bad installation/ bad pressure plate that did not seem so worn? eh. i am learning.
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