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900 N/A vs econobox civic

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Well, I just got on rt 17 in NY at the Wortsboro exit heading south/east, when on my left I see a riced red civic hatch (94 or earlier maybe?) with two guys waving, then flipping me off. Not surprised really. I ignored it being that I was in my N/A winter beater. I eventually passed them up ahead, and got flipped off, again.

Well my g/f gave me the okay, and I lined up next to them at about 65. They had a very, very loud exhaust, maybe some intake work, but not a whole lot else. Black rims, red bodykit, black wing, the works. They honked twice then floored it, getting a bit of a jump. I was in 4th and pulled on them to about 100 or so, before I hit 5th and then passed them with relative ease.

I then just proceeded to drive toward Middletown, and got off the exit.

If only I had my SE with me... regardless, good to know the N/A can take econoboxes haha.
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