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car cuts out whilst driving, sometimes it will fire up instantly on its own, other times if I quickly put the auto into neutral it will fire up else it cuts out and i have to pull over. Usually it will restart but sometimes not and it has to left for a while and then will restart. Only on a few occasions it hasn't started and had to be left but when I come back to car hours later or the next day it will restart.
This problem has been reoccuring over the last couple of months and may not happen for a few days then comes back. To me it seems electronic by the way it instantly cuts out and the instruments just drop back to zero.
Has anyone got any ideas.
I have had the car a few years with very few problems and just done regular oil changes myself, the car hasn't been tuned though it the time i have owned it, but as far as i am concerned runs very sweet.

spoke to a mechanic today and he seemed to think it was a sensor monitoring the oxygen levels.
Anxiously waiting for any ideas from someone with saab knowledge
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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