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9-5 ETS intercooler

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I recently bought this from Pete, but I don't feel like installing it on top of all the other repairs my car needs. I would like to get back what I paid, $340 plus shipping.

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i have a friend who may be interested, we live only an hour out so it would be a local pickup
Interested in trades + cash for any new or used parts your 9-5 may be needing?
This is for sale again.

Here's the deal:

When Pete sold this to me, it had no tabs for mounting the condensor. I discovered this when I was packaging it for the buyer. I then asked Pete about this and he told me that the condenser can be held in place with metal zip-ties with no ill effect. I told the buyer about this and gave him a refund at his request. So, this is for sale again.
do I recall there was an early version where they forgot to put the tabs on?

I have this one my aero and I don't recall any issues with installing it.

ill jump in on this :) i bought it from a guy used the 9-5 it was originaly in was wrecked so im guessing the two tabs broke off from stress from the accident. i ran it in my 9-5 for months with no problems there just two 10mm bolts i believe that hold the ac condencer in place i used a few good metal zip ties and had no problems the condencer didnt move one bit. it could be easily fixed if someone wanted the tabs back on just have a metal fab shop weld it up for ya i believe its cast aluminum ends so not just any welder will work ;) either way the intercooler is well worth the asking price there not cheap and its direct install

good luck with the sale
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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