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9-3SS Custom Built TD04HL-18T

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Name: Chad Lowers, Simply SAAB, LLC

Location: Pittsburgh, PA. 15206.

Means of contact: Email: [email protected]

Price: $700 shipped

Description: 9-3SS TD04L-14T (standard turbo on all 2.0T models) removed from a scrapyard car, then professionally rebuilt/refinished, compressor housing machined to accept the larger 18T wheel up from 14T, and turbine housing machined to accept the much larger HL turbine shaft rather than the stock L. The larger compressor wheel makes for more CFM of flow over the stock 14T wheel. The larger turbine wheel makes for more surface area for the exhaust to contact leading to faster spool and a longer pull. We were shooting for 325hp using this turbocharger and those numbers have been achieved by others using the proper accompanying hardware and software.

You will need to swap over the bypass valve and wastegate from your stock TD04.

It was built for an in house tuning project but the customer wrecked their vehicle before the work was done. It has never been installed since the rebuilding and machining.

Asking $700 (which includes shipping to the lower 48 via FedEx Ground)

EMAIL ME if you're interested. I prefer payment via CC over the phone.

Happy SAABing
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