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9-3 stalls during breaking.

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Hey. So my mothers 9-3 is stalling when she breaks every now and then (twice this month) its an automatic 2002 model, with around 130k miles. The best description I got was it dies when she is breaking and then she can start it back up right away, it always starts perfectly. both of the time the car was already warmed up and happend quiet a while after she started driving.I will be going back soon and was woudering what I should check and replace first? It needs general maitaince I belive ( new airfilter, spark plugs, serpentine belts etc...) If anyone has came acrose this issue and knows a solution will be good to know....
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Check the vac. line from the Vac pump off the cylinder head to the intake to the brake booster - if this holds a vac. (should be able to suck one way or blow one way Only) then I would suspect the Brake Booster has a leaking diaphragm... would if this is bad check the inside for oil residue. Even if there isn't - it's always good to replace the booster with the vac. pump. Reason being - it will later become an external oil pump and fill the booster and cause it to fail again.
Will check that when I go back into 2 weeks...hopefull it will not get wearse of in that period of time....
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