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Hi all , our '04 9-3 drivers seat belt failed to retract all of a sudden so we took the car to our mechanic who advised this car was subject to a recall and would e repaired by Holden (GM) for free.
We tried three Holden dealers, none had any idea about this and we were told by one dealer "sorry we not a Saab dealer"
After many calls and searching we found the recall notice on the ACCC website . The recall number is PRA2014/14246, and it applies to all 9-3 convertibles 2004-2011
The number to ring is Holden Customer Care 1800 632 826. these guys knew all about the issue and sorted out where to drop the car for repair.
As the car is unsafe to drive they provided us with a rental for the first two weeks, then we were advised the parts were not available for six months as they had to be developed and manufactured!
They replaced the rental with a new demo car off the lot and now we wait. it has been 6 weeks now and no news. We did have issues with the storage of the car at the dealers but this seems to have been sorted out. We are now wondering what to do about the registration as it runs out in July and the car won't pass without a seatbelt. I guess the car will need reinspection once the new belt is fitted, hopefully within 3 months or it will need a blue slip...
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