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So my roommate and I were heading to Towson Maryland to pick up his just purchased 1986 325e (e30). A Volvo 850 blew past me on the exit ramp off of I-695 and slows for the light on the intersection ahead of us. It's about 8 pm and the road we are on is deserted. I rev my little 8valve with a full 1.5in exhaust ( read that right...i gots the MAD tight 1.5 incher...). The 850 is game. Tensions run high. I hold a steady 3800 rpms.


I get the quick hookup and shift quickly to second as my mill is spinning up to the cutoff.

3rd gear. 70 mph I'm a car length ahead of the 850 prick. A roar fills our ears. A Mustang that was about 1000 feet behind us from the start blasts past us both.

At the next stop I pull alongside the Stang and look it over. He had very few physical mods (wings and such) but had nice 17inch wheels and a very sweet exhaust with a pretty lumpy idle. He thoroughly owned me.

Ten minutes later a Civic DX hatch with a ginormously hugantic wing tail gates me through a windy section. I heel-toe it into third, and pull away, heading downhill to a rather short, steep bridge. I approach the bridge at 85-90mph. and the Civic fades into the distance, screamingly trying to keep up. I hit the bridge and get all four wheels off the ground for a New York minute. I landed on the transition side of the bridge and slowed for a light. The panting Civic pulled up and rolled down his window and called me a crazy motehrfucker.

I just laughed.

Now if only I had like 75 more HP.
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