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89 T5 vert cooling fan issues

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The driver side cooling fan is not working at :( I jumped the leads at the switch and got nothing. Where is this delay time relay with the yellow wires to jump? Also when I checked the main fuse/relay panel I saw that position G for the rad fan had only one terminal in the middle... wtf? I have the ac fan wired up to the snowflake so I can keep the car cool but since this is my dads car Id really like to have a fan working on its own just in case.
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no bodies had issues with the main rad fan not working?
The time delay relay (or radiator fan relay depending on the model year) is located in the passenger's rear corner of the fuse box. According to Bentley, you must have current on terminals 30 and 87.
Check the fuses, check for voltage at the rad switch (it shorts the + side), check for ground on the fan.... Check fan connectors, finally jump 12 volts from the battery to the fan to see if motor works.

Also, mine rad switch turns on only the passenger's fan, the driver's fan works with the AC. I think that's how it supposed to work unless custom wired (sometimes by the dealer).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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