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85' spg part out

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parting out my spg project car. No time to restore it and i'm leaving for school in september. Floor boards have rot and also has control arm rot on the passenger side, I planned on welding everything up and replacing the floor boards but have no time. complete spg body kit, two 5-speed trannies, motor, interior all available. 250 obo take it off my hands. title available. car is located in saugus, ma. pics up soon

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You might pm Tweek and see if he needs anything for his 85 SPG.
This a part out, or a parts car?
Holy screaming deal, $250 obo is a steal for this amount of stuff. Why not sell it in parts?
I'll part it out unless somebody wants to tow the car away as a whole. The chassis is basically no good. I need it gone :( 250$ gets you a rolling shell with wheels body kit and no motor. however a 5 speed tranny is in the car. interior and other parts laying around in boxes will be sold separetly.
bump. need this thing gone!!!!
DeLorean could use a nice Lawn ornament...
i have no place for it
let me know if you decide to part it out. I might be able to use a few parts.
I would love it, but it would probably cost $250 in gas just to get it with BluAero's uncle's truck and trailer.
what do you want for the wheels?? i can meet up .. how are the tires?? if my 240sx rims(4x114) will fit for rollers i could toss them in as well..
does this have the momo wheel? id be interested in that
Wish I had a larger front yard to park this on.... Would be sweet to slowly restore that car - too many projects as it is and not enough room for what I got :( I hope somone takes it as whole to save rather then part.
If you decide to part it out I would be interested in some parts deffinitely!
no momo wheel and not sure if i want to part it yet i just dont have time with school coming up. somebody take it please :mad:
sure you dont wanna sell the wheels?? i have a set of incas i can toss in...
I'll start parting things such as the body kit interior etc etc. come on people come here and start puling parts! I'm gonna have to end up junking the thing as a whole:(
Someone must have a yard to put this in.... If I wasn't at max capacity I'd have gone and picked this up already.
Burns, if you wanna split gas, and tow it to my mom's place and park it next to my other rotting SPG, it may work.
Yeah - thing is, if I do that I'll never fix it :)
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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