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Soooo funny.

Was driving my wifes liberty, 2008 3.7l 210hp. The thing is slow as balls, but not a bad around town cruzer and overall great family vista cruzer minus the wood paneling.

I pulled up to a stoplight next to a newer style 4door civic with the vtech writing onthe side. I kept givin him the ur a loser grin (secretly I've been waiting for this matchup) and as the light turns we both give it. Well I musta gotten the jump cuz by 70 he was still tryingto catch up. I feel like it's over and start slowing down, plus I gotta turn up ahead, and of course there goes the flyby. Pretty certain it was all stock, had to be, I beat him in the fuckin liberty, that's like a 10 second 0-60.

I will sAy that the liberties first gear is really well, good enough to getthe jump on lots of others, but falls on it's face quickly after first. The truck is an excellent round town bomber and bowl cruzr ;). I think I'm starting to like it afterall.

Stooopidd homodas, stop trying already and just give up.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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