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2004 Freightliner FL70 vs Chevy/Gruman Stepvan

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I was at a light on OH 125 when the Lays delivery guy pulled up next to me and revved his engine. I looked at him, laughing, and revved the 6cyl Caterpillar diesel in my truck.

The light turned green and we took off. Sort of. I started out in 2nd because 1st is a granny gear and had him by a good two feet for the first.....two feet. Then I speed shifted to 3rd and lost a foot. By the time I was in 5th at a blistering 49mph he was an 1/8 of a mile ahead of me stopped at the next traffic light.
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Good stuff! Driven plenty of GMC Topkicks with the 6cyl Cat engine, and they definitely lack in the "get up and go" category.
The CATS in the Freightliner school buses are rather peppy... compared to an Inter-trash-onal 444E anyways... 4 speed automatics I think make them quicker off the line.
Best war story ever.
we just got a new truck... it has the largest motor cummins makes. and is 6 wheel drive. and will pull a 40,000lb truck up a muddy hill without thinking about it.

i think it would run most trucks pretty good
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