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Hello all. Recently i have discovered my 9-3 convertible (the car is a 1.8t vector) has a broken front left spring, not a huge problem but still not very convenient. I have had the car for little over 3 months, and what i noticed very early on is how firm - borderline harsh, the suspension is. Not a problem as the body control is quite good. I naturally came to the assumption that the car had the 'sport chassis' option fitted, as all the reviews i read on the car raved of how comfortable it is, something which my car is not.

Anyway, i went to saab today, gave them the vin code and they told me that the replacement springs for my car are the Standard suspension springs and that my saab was only ever fitted with standard suspension :confused: .

Now my problem is that i have a feeling that the current suspension is that of the sport, i struggle to believe that the standard suspension would be so brutally firm, and im afraid that when i replace the springs, to the part saab are quoting, the dynamics of the car will be affected. Is there any other way of telling what springs are fitted to the car other than via the vin code, or suspension code. Any help would be hugely appreciated.
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