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2003 Saab 93 Convertible
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Took my 2003 Saab 93 Convertible into an Authorized Saab Shop for a routine oil change. On the drive home from the mechanic shop my car shut down with no start up or crank. I had the mechanic come out and he took my vehicle back to the shop to work on it. The next day I call to check on my car, which I purchased from the original owner, the mechanic/owner tells me that he first tries to change the DIC coil pack and that did not work but it ended up being the crankshift position sensor and said it works and charged me over $300. Ok so I argued that price and he was just a jerk so I picked up my car and drove it home. That night I drove to the store and the engine stalled out in the middle of the road at an intersection. Car wouldn't crank back up and was able to push it to safety.. The next day had to have it towed back to the shop and get this,, the Driver told me my car is the 3rd vehicle he has picked up for an oil change gone bad.. Needless to say I am researching like crazy trying to figure out what happened during my oil change? I get a call about my car and the owner tells me its fixed. I tried to ask him questions because after all,, I did have a 2000 Saab 93 and worked on it myself with some help but he dismissed me and said it was the DIC coil pack.. He put in a used one and isnt charging me for the work..
I took pictures of my engine bay before the tow and noticed a different throttle body I noticed because of the red and black grommet type that is used to connect a vacuum line and my oil cap was switched out for a generic part. I did tell the owner about the throttle body hose and he said, "that is not for your vehicle, that goes on a manual." OK so what is it doing on my car??
Any advice or thoughts about the oil change to the different throttle body??


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