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Name: ferrerimc

Location: Atlanta, GA

Means of contact: [email protected]

Price: $2,000

Description: Original owner. Sadly selling to get a larger vehicle ( Suub wagon). Performed regular maintenance (e.g. synthetic oil / 5,000 miles, tires rotate & balanced) always at a Saab dealer or Saab Specialist. Only mod is radio: Alpine Satellite CD/MP3/iPod/Bluetooth. I do have the original radio and will include it in the transaction. The car has always lived in the Southeast US. For 7 years it has had the luxury of spending nights in a garage.
159,663 Miles as of Feb 15, 2015
Car is manual transmission and is super fun to drive. I will seriously miss it. Most seals and hoses have been replaced over the last 2 years. Other recent work includes:
@ 155,279 miles: New Clutch, Rear main seal, salve cylinder, driver's seal, oil pan resealed.
@149,613 miles: ABS sensor refurbished.
@148,923 miles: new Michelin Primacy MXM4 tires

Needs: Timing cover is starting to leak; Ball joints pop occasionally, but tolerable; p/s return hose seeping, antenna is broken (but I don't miss it with iPod and Satellite radio in the fray).

Pictures: attached


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This is a really good deal. Holy cow.
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