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2001 SAAB 95 Rear Brakes Parts Are Not Right For VIN

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I have a 2001 SAAB 95 with the base 2.3t engine (B235E) (Not AERO) and the last 7 of the VIN are 3017037. I ordered rear brakes (rotors and pads) based on this information and the parts that arrived DO NOT fit. It appears that the brakes actually on the car are as if the car was an AERO or had a VIN greater than 3025752. The actual SAAB part number on the rotor pulled is 4907523 which cross references to the following revised SAAB part numbers: 5057476, 5391537, and 1276359 all of which cross reference to SAAB 9-5s that are AEROs or with VIN > 3025752. The only difference in the rotors appears to be that the disc on the rotor pulled off the car is offset by about a half an inch whereas the disc on the rotor that came is flush to the edge. Consequently, the disc on the rotor sent comes in contact with the dust shield before the hub comes in contact with the drum (hat) part of the rotor. Other than this offset, the diameter of the disc and the size of the drum portion of it are (appear to be) the same on both.

See attached image. The New rotor is an EBC UPR853. The old rotor is the SAAB 4907523 pulled from the car.

Has anyone else ever had/ seen this situation and can anyone explain how this is?


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I made this mistake before. The higher offset rotor are 900/9-3 style and worked with the early 9-5's with two piston rear calipers.

What mistake did I make? Also my caliper appears to be a single piston.
No Not your mistake. EBC Sends 99 model year parts for every after 2000 plus thinking they fit too. Its there mistake. I tried ordering 2ooo M/Y & Up stuff from 2 different vendors and got the same Wrong parts both times.
My 2001 SAAB 95 is a Frankenstein!

Apparently, my car is a Frankenstein. After talking to 2 parts departments and a service manager at the local SAAB dealers and talking to the customer service at EBC, we have determined that my car, though it is not an AERO, does have AERO rear suspension and brakes. This was standard after a certain VIN of which my VIN is less and should be the older design. I suppose I should be happy about this had I had any way to know before I started to work on it. Would have been better to have be able to verify it from SAAB by VIN or a options installed tag in the car which does not appear to exist.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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