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So I have a 9-5 with the 2.3L turbo. Great running car. Good power and all.
So here is my issue, when you start the engine it blows a puff of blue smoke. Then it clears. Also when driving if you have the turbo boost and let off when you get back on it the blue cloud follows for a couple seconds. The car is using oil.
It has almost 230K miles. Not sure its past. I bought it wrecked and rebuilt the nose. No clue if the engine is original or not, and the turbo looks about the same age as the engine. There was oil in the inter-cooler tubing. Makes me think turbo seals.I was thinking maybe the turbo is starting to lose oil out the shaft seals. Anybody have any luck replacing these? I hate to spend $300+ for a turbo if I can help it. It has good boost and sounds good.
I've seen some remarks about valve stem seals as well. Any input on that possibility? As I have oil in the charge air tubing it has me headed for the turbo.
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