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2.3NA Engine/Trans-Pickup only

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Long story short...after I wrecked my old 1990 9k I kept the 150k mile engine trans and scrapped the rest. 3yrs later it's time to get rid of it.

Obviously it hasn't run in those 3 yrs, but it still ran after the wreck. There are a couple small pieces I stole to put on the Aero....these include the AC compressor, the plastic PCV piece that goes in the valve cover, and the dipstick tube. Engine didn't burn any oil and trans shifted fine. Anyways...asking $200 OBO for the lot. I'll post some pics tomorrow. Location is Houston, TX.
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I've got a Non turbo trans in my 91 9000 Turbo, nice short gearing 1st thru 3rd, 65 in 5th is about 3500 rpm though... But great acceleration!

Tranny worth the price alone!

Good luck!
Couple more things...I also took the oil pressure switch. The oil cooler lines, power steering lines, and the trans speed sensor wire.

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