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1999 9-5 noise after shutoff. Concerns.

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Ok, I just picked up a 1999 9-5 sedan on the cheap. I have some questions because I don't know what is normal behavior on these cars.

First off, I know the battery is on it's way out and if the car sits a day or two it doesn't have enough juice to start. But I heard a noise today that I fear may be part of this battery issue.

When I turn the car off, there is a low pitched buzz coming from what sounds like the dash behind the instrument cluster. This noise occurs whether the car was running or the key was just in the run position before I turned it off and take the key out.

The noise lasts as short as 30 seconds, but I have heard the noise as long as almost 3 minutes after I turn the car off.

Now a car behavior question that might be related......

I know the ignition is dirty, hell, the whole car was filthy. Does the ignition pop up or make any loud clicks when you turn the car to "Lock"? I ask because the ignition is kinda sticky and it is not doing any of that so maybe the ignition is stuck in a position that would cause the buzzing noise or something. Long shot, I know, but I had to throw that out there.

So, I am hoping for these things from this thread.....

1. To identify the buzzing noise.
2. Maybe a proper description of how the ignition switch should act. Does it pop up? is there a click into the Lock position? things like that.

Thank you.
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First the lock can stick it doe spop up a little, spray it with WD40 or lock lube

Regarding the noise, it sounds like you are hearing the Auto recircualte of the Automatic Climate control. It will set the car's vent to close at low speed when you are stopped in traffic or at a light after traveling at speed.

You can set it off and control it manually if you want and the noise is bothering you. Look in your manual I forget right now its beena while. I did, but was more worried that it woudl break and I did not care so much about having it do that all the time, I figured i could when I wanted it to just press the button
Sometime for the lock - if you are feeling lucky - you can pull the cylinder out and clean it properly and re-install it to make it work like new. This gets all the grit out of the sylinder as opposed to actually just making it greasy and dirty.... But yeah, it should "clunk" up when you pull the key out.
Thanks for the info so far. I will look into that climate control thing I can shut off.

I'll have to take the ignition lock cylinder out. Yesterday it didn't even like the key until I cleaned it out some.
it sounds like you are hearing the Auto recircualte of the Automatic Climate control. It will set the car's vent to close at low speed when you are stopped in traffic or at a light after traveling at speed.
I'll second that. It's driving me crazy... It's like a fan's blade is hitting something. Pretty annoying. My mech said it's nothing to be concerned of and it's been 3 months now.
Chad, I know Dave said the battery was load tested, and it failed, which I think you will find to the be root cause of the battery not holding a charge.

On that note, I have not been able to get ahold of mike with that extra battery...I fear he may be out of the country on business, or he just doesn't like me anymore :p
I figured the battery was bad. I was just hoping to find that this buzzing noise may be helping to kill it faster. With that in mind, killing the buzzing noise would hopefully help the battery to last longer.

I should check if my c900 and this 9-5 use the same battery.
Not really I dont; think, it only stays on for a few seconds while it closes the vent up, not enough to drain a battery ( at least mine never did)
I gotta chime in on the lock cylinder. The only thing I ever use on lock cylinders is electrical contact cleaner. Wurth "contac ol", or CRC Lectromotive. You need to work the key in the cylinder a bit, but it does not leave residue behind. Use a snorkel and shoot it inside the key slot. Careful of overspray, most plastics don't like this stuff. Just my 2 cents, but it's never let me down
I used the CRC Lectromotive to clean out the lock. I worked it in with the key, then let it sit and dry. Afterwards I put a very small amout of dry graphite lube in there.

The ignition lock cylinder is working now, I was mainly concerned about this noise. Sounds like I shouldn't be.
Sounds like the Climate Control air sensor. It's in the little fan grille that fits in the switch blank. The fan runs for a bit after the car shut down. Over time it accumulates dust around the fan shaft and starts to make noise.

I was able to take mine apart and clean up with a combination of compressed air patience and wd40.
What is it with these 9-5s and needing WD-40 for everything... lol
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