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Friend of mine takes care of a 1997 9000 CSE Automatic. It's his son's wife's car - but they are getting to the point they are ready to move on. No pictures of it at this time - as this is a feeler for a friend.


9000 CSE
(Citroen Beige I think)
Cream Leather Interior
c. 150K
New Raditator
New Cooling Fan/Gauge Sensor
Current PA Inspection

Thinking of asking $2200 - open to ALL resonable offers.

Car was a daily driver for many years and cared for by a former Saab/Volvo tech (Rod) for it's past 8 years or so. It does have daily driver wear more then likely.

Located near Doylestown, PA

If interested contact me with your contact details and I will FWD them along. Thanks
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