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1996 900se - Possible CLutch Cable issue

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Well I was driving to work today and everything was fine until i pulled into the parking lot, and my foot went to the floor, and the pedal was very very loose. And then when i tried to let the clutch out it immediately engaged as soon as i let my foot off the pedal. Is this a snap clutch cable...or something else?
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sounds like a clutch cable.

hey at least it made it all the way to work for you then crapped out.
ya....then there is the problem of getting home though.....and after looking at it, it doesnt seem like the cable is broken anywhere because i can pull on it and the pedal still moves. Since it is an automatic adjusting cable...something could have broken in w/e mechanism is used to adjust the cable.
I too think that if it was a broken cable you wouldn't get any clutch function at all. When mine went it I heard the snap as well as felt it.
though you still may need to replace the cable. Enjoy.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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