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1996 900se F/S, one of one

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It is finally time, up for sale is my 1996 Saab 900se turbo convertible with gorgeous black paint and a factory fresh beige interior. There has been one owner from new and no expense has ever been spared. It has a file about 4 inches thick of service and parts records since new, with every major service being performed at a Saab dealership. This car has been garaged ever since new, almost never sees rain, and the car makes no excuses about it's condition and would be right at home in the GM Heritage Collection. Over the years, I have taken great pride in making sure this is the cleanest Saab 900 on the roads and I believe it is the best example for sale today. I will list a few of the major facts about the car:

-Purchased brand new in 1996 by my dad, original owner
-Has 36,500 miles on it as of today
-Dealer services totalling over $20,000 alone, $15,000 of that has been spent in the last 6 years not including any aftermarket parts which amount to $9,000
-2 sets of keys and remotes, one spare key without a remote

Here are the parts that have been replaced in the past 5,000 miles:

-Brand new DIC
-AC compressor
-Convertible roof + motor
-Brake calipers
-Front seat power motors
-Head gasket
-New OEM O2 sensors
-New Intake air temperature sensor
-New Coolant temperature sensor
-New Walbro 255 fuel pump
-EBC Redstuff brake pads
-EBC rotors
-Koni yellow shocks
-OEM springs
-GS 22mm rear anti-roll bar
-GS Strut Brace
-GS Steering rack clamp and brace
-New Goodyear Eagle F1 all season tires
-Borbet Type FS rims
-Polk Audio DB series speakers
-GS Intake
-Forge BOV
-Full Jak Stoll Performance stainless 3" turbo back exhaust
-Jak Stoll Performance custom intercooler
-Custom tune
-T28 turbo built 2,000 miles ago by Chadwick

There is more, but as you can see there are too many parts to list that have been installed or replaced in the past 5,000 miles(full records come with the car). All OEM and most aftermarket parts were installed professionally by a Saab dealership. The car recently passed California emissions testing and is smog legal until april of 2012. The car was also inspected 500 miles ago by a Saab dealership and the car recieved an excellent rating on every aspect. This car drives exceptionally well, getting 30 mpg on the highway and is solid and planted at any speed. It is a very strong car, running around 330chp with absolutely no issues as of this post.

So, what would you getting for your money? One of the most pristine Saab 900s in the country, this car has recieved only the best and amounts to what is essentially a new car inside and out.

Price: $7,800 or best offer.

Email me at [email protected] for more information and pictures!

Additional items that come with sale:

-New stock intake with a new filter
-Stock strut bar
-Spare 36,000 mile DIC with no problems
-All sets of keys

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are you staying with saab? Either way should be an easy sale; pics don't come close to doing it justice
Thanks Steve, I don't know about easy but I am doing this because I will not let my dad use it as a trade in if I get a car through a dealer if I can help it. I am searching for a turbo-x right now, but other than that I don't really see too many options with Saab right now.
If only it was a 5spd ;)

Good luck with the sale Christian!! I feel bad for the car, it willl NEVER be taken care of like the way you've taken care of it, if that makes sense.
I don't think a car in better cosmetic shape - let alone mechanical shape - has rolled into our shop yet.

And we got one of those Turbo-X thangers once....

I'm sure you will find the right new owner!
Thanks Imran and Drew, I really appreciate the kind words. My dad wants me to trade it in where ever we find another car but I hate that idea and ideally want to see it go to a fellow enthusiast. As it sits, every surface of the car is so well protected that I would like to think that it will hold up fine but this is my first time selling a car so I need to remember that once it is gone, it's gone.

If it goes for a trade in, I am taking off a number of parts such as:

-GS strut brace
-GS 6 pt
-Forge BOV
-Steering rack clamp & brace
Only $8000? I think that's undervalued. If you were still in CT, I'd consider it without question. Great deal for a pristine car! GL
I wish I could ask $80,000, but I would rather ask something more reasonable than wait years for the right buyer to come along so I figured I would try and expedite the process. Thanks for the nice response Andrew!
This is going to sell no problem. The car is immaculate, I have never seen one in such good of shape, I have never seen it in person though. Good luck Christian, stay with Saab.
Don't let this get traded in. They will give you nothing near what the condition you've kept it in will merit.

Good luck with the sale.
Don't let this get traded in. They will give you nothing near what the condition you've kept it in will merit.

Good luck with the sale.
x2 IIRC dealers use wholesale auctions as reference guides for pricing trade-ins. What do run of the mill NGs go for wholesale... $2500? $4000? You simply can't trade it in for that.

Is it on Saabnet yet?
I just submitted my Saabnet ad since I had a very hard detail job today, so that will be up and running soon I hope. One note on the trade in option: I will not let it go to trade in if I get anything less than what I am asking for in my for sale ad. I have a feeling that I will end up getting around 8k trade in with a bit of bargaining but again, I don't want to do that if at all possible.

Someguy: I will never ever get anything near what it is truely worth if you take into account the amount of mechanical work and man hours of constant detailing haha.
I forgot to mention this: the car will also come with a 5th Borbet Type FS rim with a Goodyear Eagle F1 A/S (same as those on car) with 75% tread left.
Possibly one of the cleanest, nicest, best kept low mileage ng900 Verts I've ever had the pleasure of viewing online. I hope you get another Saab - only because it will only look as clean! Good Luck!
When I am living on my own, I plan on snagging a nice SPG someday. If I ever go back to another Saab, it will be one of those simply because they have so much character and pizzazz. Thank you for the encouragement Burns!
You'll regret it when its gone!
You'll regret it when its gone!
it's just an ng900 ;) not like it's a 9000 or SPG or anything lol
it's just an ng900 ;) not like it's a 9000 or SPG or anything lol
Whoa buddy.
I know Mike, but it is time. Bump before it goes for trade in!
if you are trading it it, you really should take off the performance parts to resell. There are of little value to a dealer buying the car.
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