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1996 9000 CS in junk yard near me...

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The vehicle is a 1996 9000 cs automatic. Appears to be LPT (has turbo, but no gauge) It is dark red, tan cloth interior, stock cs alloys, only has about 75k mi. Appears to have a blown head gasket among other engine issues. Body and interior are in good shape including pretty much all lights. The DI, rad fan and washer tank are gone (sorry ;) ), but there are lots of good parts on it still.

This yard is fairly inexpensive and tends to keep their inventory fresh, so let me know soon if you want anything from it and I will quote you for the price of the part and shipping.

You can pm me, but it might be more effective to just call me and if I dont answer leave a voicemail. I WILL call you back if I receive voicemail.

My # is (574) 248-0773
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I can vouch for Jason as a good guy to deal with!

And that 9000 looks nice.
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