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1995 9000 AERO parts car

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I have access to a 9000 aero parts car. Dark green with black leather interior. Interior smells nice. Seats have some wear but in good shape.

All body panels are in tact. A friend of mine has the turbo and I have the DIC about ready to go on eBay.

Car has 120,000.

It was abandoned on the highway and picked up by a buddy of mine. IT DOES NOT RUN AND IS FOR PARTS ONLY.

Make offers on anything you need and we can go from there.
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wait so the turbo is gone?
Pass side visor? I need one w/o the electrical contacts on the clip.
Looking for the rear wiring harness(tailights and such) How much with shipping to 01585?
Is it a manual tranny? If so how much 4 the Trionic shipped to 66012?
how much for the intake air temp sensor and coolant temp sensor?
Okay, I can probably get most of those things. If everyone can email me their requests at [email protected] I will be able to answer you faster.


Wheels are gone and the turbo is gone. Other than that, its pretty much complete
they musta been complete morons to abandon that car
I would agree.

The inside still smells nice, no rust, and the transmission looks like its brand new.

A friend of mine is using the turbo on his Volvo 850R, as his is on its way out and this was easier to get than finding a cheap 15G.
you have the aero seats in black for sale? how much? my seats are really bad...
I like how the car was left for dead and you "saved it" to part it out - epic.

Shame you are so far away... I'd be interested in the front seats - but not going to pay to ship :(
Seats are in pretty good shape. Average wear for the age of the car, but not bad. No holes.

It was abandoned and they drove it for about two months before it went kaput on them. I believe the head gasket blew out.

Trans is sold.

If anyone has offers, email them to me. I don't spend a ton of time on the computer anymore being back to college, so email is the best way to reach me.

Oh and not like anyone cares, but I kept the shift knob for my NG900. Shifting on that white plastic bull shit was starting to annoy me.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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