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1995 900 SE V6 head gaskets - need mechanic or referral in Cincinnati, OH

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Hello, I need help finding a mechanic or a shop in Cincinnati, Ohio that won't charge me a ridiculous amount of money to change both head gaskets in my 1995 Saab 900SE V6. I know this is a huge project but I'm trying to spend the least amount possible to fix it. Can anyone recommend a mechanic or a good shop? The local dealership will be too expensive and many shops are telling me they don't work on old Saabs. Thank You!

I'm new so please tell me if I should post this somewhere else?

I miss driving my car :sad010:
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You're in the right spot.

What was diagnosed that said it needed head gaskets? Is it just leaking water into the engine oil?

Or is it running badly?
it's leaking coolant and white smoke spews out the hood and out the exhaust. I don't believe coolant is getting into the oil. My mechanic friend checked it out and said it was the head gaskets but he doesn't have time to fix it.
Got it. Hopefully someone in your area can chime in with a recommendation!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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