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1994 Saab 900s - $600

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TW: Potential Partout - 1994 Saab 900s - $600


Located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

1994 SAAB 900 S 2.0 Turbo

Got into an accident tonight. Front end damage. Engine Damage.

Will require a hood, front bumper, front bumper re-bar, radiator support, radiator (not sure though), intercooler, and grille. Other parts may be required to be fixed.

2 Door Hatchback
Manual Transmission
Black Exterior
Dark Grey Cloth Interior
Full Power Group including Sunroof

$600 Firm. Nothing less. Not parting out.

Pictures will follow in a day or two
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damn - this is one of those Rare 900 S Turbo cars too - like the brown one at Carlisle :)

Price sounds fair - awaiting pictures. Hope someone here picks it up for a collector item -after all it IS rare ;)
Quick Update:

Checked up on the Saab just now. There is no engine oil or radiator fluid; so it'll need a new radiator or hose. Not sure as to why theres no engine oil, probably a broken oil filter or cracked oil pan. not too sure though.

potential part out if it doesnt sell by the time i pick up another ng900 this weekend.

I'm keeping the engine and trans, axles, turbo, manifolds, alternators, etc etc, windshield, most of the windows, rims, and the GS sway bar. Will not ship body panels/doors/hatch/etc. Other then that, everything else is up for grabs. I will not waste my time pulling for a part that will consume more then 20min of my time.
Price range: Free - $80

International shipping is okay

Buyer pays shipping
may i grab the ecu from you?
may i grab the ecu from you?
sure. $50 + shipping

give it a week or so, hopefully i find a local buyer to take it all off my hands, if not, shes yours
ok sounds good
Hatch struts still there? Price?
the saab has been sold.
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