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1994 900cv Fuel Pump

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My saab fuel pump runs for about 30 seconds before coming up to pressure on a cold start. I am thinking it is getting tired and have been dumping cash into it to upgrade. I was looking at this :

HFP 255LPH Fuel Pump Saab 900 1989 - 1997

Does anybody have any experience with this?
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How about any fuel pump recommendations. Also, what is the official location of the fuel pump? In the trunk or under the hood?
Get a Walbro 255 pump. They are available on Its the "Vanilla" of aftermarket fuel pumps.

The pump itself is accessed by removing the rear carpet / bottom portion of the trunk. Remove the large circular cover on the left side (smaller right side is fuel level sending unit), remove the locking retainer ring, the fuel lines, and pull the assembly out. Once out, break down the assembly to access JUST the cartridge of the fuel pump. Cut the original hard plastic lines out, and replace them with FUEL INJECTION rubber line, NOT regular fuel line; it won't hold the pressure. Put in new Fuel Injection rubber line, clamp it to your barbs, and reinstall.

Can be a little overwhelming the first time, but once you've done it, its a snap. Hardest part is the fuel pump retainer ring. Eeuro also sells a tool for removal of the ring.
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local guy here (a literal Saab wizard) mentioned to me that fuel pumps rarely, if ever, go out on c900s. i was convinced mine was shot, until he told me to replace the fuel pump fuse (20a). The old fuse wasnt broken, or snapped - but the second I put in a new fuse - voila. Hasnt skipped a beat since. Might be worth replacing it, just to see what happens
My stock pump is running but it takes a long time (25-30 seconds) to bring up the pressure from a cold start. I am looking at upgrading the car and thought I might as well upgrade the pump. However, my main reason for replacing it earlier is due to the long pump run time before cold start.
How far does the fuel injection line go? Can I get the replacement sealing O rings and the line from eeuro as well?
It also appears that the Walbro comes in different flavors. I need the 341 pump right? Does anyone sell an entire kit to go into the Saab? It looks like the one on eeuroparts is not a high flow pump.
I am looking for the 255LH Walbro pump. I would like to go high output this way I am ready for when I upgrade the rest of the motor. Does anyone have the Walbro part number with the install kit?
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