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1994 900 Convertible Brakes

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In a quest to pass NY insection, I noticed that I need to replace my brakes. Instead of getting OEM replacements, I wanted to upgrade. After searching, I can not find upgraded brakes. I was looking to purchase cross drilled rotors. I was looking at Brembo but they do not make anything for Saab besides solid rotors. It looks like the next best option is Zimmermann but I have not been able to find a complete set. Can anyone my suggestions on upgraded brakes for my car?

Again, your responses are GREATLY appreciated. I wish I would have started all of this research over the winter instead of prime driving season!
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I think a popular thing to do is put on the brakes from a 9000.
Brakes for 1993 Saab 900 Turbo

Like you said, zimmerman makes cross drilled rotors. Or you can look at ATE or powerslot for slotted rotors. I have used the ATE ones, and they have been fine.

If your also looking to upgrade pads, there is a better selection for the 900 then 9000's. The Hawk HPS is a nice option for a street car IMO. Pads are going to make the biggest difference in terms of feel/performance.
I only have been able to find the front rotors. Can you recommend a source for Zimmerman cross drilled rear rotors?
A good pair of stock rotors will do for the rears. Very little braking force is applied through those wheels compared to fronts. Waste of money "upgrading" the rears IMHO.
What about upgraded calipers?
Any oponions on pads as well?
I just clicked on one of the ads here on our forums:

Premium Dimpled and Slotted Brake Rotors

has anyone had any experience with this company's products? What about the pads?
As far as pad advice, it's hard to say without knowing what your looking for out of your brakes, with pads you generally have to make sacrifices in some areas for improvement in others. So, does dust and noise bother you? Do you care if you need to get some heat in them before they are working at their best? Personally, I like the Hawk HPS for street cars. Tirerack has a good selection to browse through.
What about Zimmerman vs PowerSlot Rotors? Any Opinons?
Does anybody have experience with rotors and pads?
Does anybody have expoerience with using Wilwood calipers on the 900. I do not see a direct bolt on kit offered.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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