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1991 900s 3dr 5speed $500

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Long story short: Bought the car too race, car is too nice, who wants a $500 beater?

The car:

1991 C900s 3dr 5spd 165k Beige/Gray leather


Albany NY 12205

The bad:

Has some rust on the front fender arches and gas door, headliner/carpet are trashed and it needs a battery.

The good:

It's $500, no control arm rot, it's a stick

If you really need pics I'll brave the 100deg and take a few.

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I might be interested. My 16 year old brother needs a first car and a 900s is perfect for the job (especially a $500 one).
I'll try and take a few pics in the morning.
Maybe interested...
Definitely interested... I need another winter beater! I won't have the money til next Friday though.
interested as well, need pichurs
Any more info on the car? Do you have a title? I am seriously interested in it if it has a moonroof.
The title is in hand. It's an S, so yes there is a working moonroof.

The car was giving to us a little over a year ago due to a smoked clutch. We replaced the clutch and went through it. I can't remember everything that was done, but it was driven for the last year or so by the owner of the dealership until he picked up a 50k mile 1977 99. I bought the car for $500 and was going to roundy-round demo derby it, but the car is too solid for me to do it again. I'm guilty of destroying perfectly good daily drivers. I could easily go to craigslist and ask $1k, but I figuered why not help someone on the link with good $500 beater.

Come get it

2017 Central Ave.
Albany, NY 12205
518-862-2795 ext401

Edit:I'm pretty sure everything works except for A/C and maybe a heated seat or two.
Damn, this is a good deal for a solid car. I'm definitely going to call and come take a look!
Damn, this is a good deal for a solid car. I'm definitely going to call and come take a look!

I do need something to put my rally lights and steelies on.
if only we didn't speed so much money moving.... Still tempted.
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