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1990 spg for sale zero rust 186k

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I will list all the new parts and pictures --- mods please bare with me ....

price as is 3,850

let me get my receipts and pictures after waxing thank you... any interest heres my email

[email protected]
or jsut pm me.
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Rust free - CA car - could that be a true statement? Even in non salt belt regions there has to be SOME rust somewhere... just nothing like here in PA or nothern states for sure. Must see pictures.
I personally love this line used on New England cars "Rust Free" - they really mean "Free Rust"
My CA original '85 SPG is from the beach up north, and is rusty as shit.

My PA original '85 that then sat indoors in CA for 10 years is essentially rust free - a tiny bubble starting to raise the paint at the front of one of the rear wheel arches, and a tiny bit of surface rust on the top of the radiator support member by the hood hinges where the paint is chipped, but no underbody perforation, and not a spec of corrosion around the battery tray or the pass. side front lower a-arm mounts.

I saw a 305,xxx mile '92 900S yesterday, original owners, lived in Denver for a year then moved here - and that car WAS rust free - I gave it a pre-purchase inspection, and I tried hard to find some, and there wasn't a spec. Not on the rear axle, not on the brake dustshield mounting bolts, not nowhere.

I've seen Aaron's car from above and beneath (helped put in the new shocks) and it is clean clean clean as far as the body goes, I'm sure he will put up photos since he can throw it on one of the lifts at their shop.

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What color, and how's the ac? I'm def interested
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