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1988 900T 5-Speed For Sale

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I am offering for sale my 5-speed 1988 Saab 900T, silver/charcoal grey leather interior, with 136K original miles. The car was purchased in 2003 from the original owners who gave me all the paperwork for the car including the original sales receipts from a factory delivery dealership in Sweden, a multitude of original Saab brochures/books and every repair/service order performed on the car during their ownership. Over the past seven years, I have used the car as a weekend/fun driver with the intent of keeping the car for the long term. I have added a number of NOS (new-old-stock) factory Saab accessories to the car to increase the performance and handling including a "red-box" apc, distributor and fuel pressure regulator produced for the 1993 900CE, a factory 4-spoke Momo/Saab steering wheel and hub, a Husco armrest-drink holder and the Saab 900 roadholding/suspension kit upgrade which brought the car up to SPG specs. Again, all of these items were purchased new, not used, from my local dealerships and I have receipts for all. I have also recently purchased one of the last NOS 900 dashboards for the car which I have not yet installed as well as a NOS seat belt for the factory passive restraint system (which works perfectly as all of the parts are now new and I have an extra new set of the relays, tracks and computer control module for the system). The car also has had a new A/C compressor fitted as well as a new Saab battery, all new lighting and/or lenses, a new (not refurbished) period correct Saab radio and eq, a complete set of NOS bumper covers and front spoiler as well as a new set of fog-lights and mounts. The A/C has never been converted and blows ice cold. There is absolutely no body or frame rust on the car with the seats, headliner, door felt inserts and package shelf in just about perfect condition. That being said, items in the engine compartment have some surface rust on them from normal usage and the front hood has a couple of small stone chips. The car has many other new parts that have been replaced as needed and runs extremely well. The car will be sold with six plus bins of spare parts including an additional radio/eq set, computer control modules, bulbs, vent parts etc..
The car is offered for sale not for financial reasons but for the fact that with the loss of my father, who I restored many a car with, and my becoming the primary care giver for my terminally ill mother, I do not have the time or energy to play with the car anymore. I am open to offers on the car but do not need to "dump" it for a quick sale. Additional pictures are available upon request and the car can be viewed on the weekends. Please call on my cell number at 202-439-5855 or send an e-mail to [email protected] anytime. Thanks

Sorry about not posting the price when I placed the advertisement.....I am asking $5000.00 or best offer for the car and all additional parts. Thanks


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Good luck with your sale. Please post a price when you get a chance, even if it's open for negotiation.
Yeah - curious in price (ballpark)
Sorry about not posting the price when I placed the advertisement.....I am asking $5000.00 or best offer for the car and all additional parts. Thanks
Do you have more pictures of the car?
Too rich for me right now - but sounds as if it may be a fair price. Post up more pictures - car sounds like a really nice example of a c900.
I will be taking some additional pictures this weekend as I have begun the installation of the new dashboard and hope to finish it up by Sunday. Unfortunately I am unable to work on the car during the week as I put the car in a storage unit a number of months back to protect it from the elements as it was only being driven once a week and my wife wanted her garage space back...Anyone interested in additional pictures please e-mail me and I will send them to you by Sunday evening. Thanks
wow. nice car. sounds like everything is "by the book".
Wanted to update all those who responded to the advertisement with a request for additional pictures that I sent out the photos late this afternoon.....
Thanks again to all who contacted me!
Ought to post some up here - I was showing this thread to the owner of Moser Imports since he has a few customers in the market lately.
One of the members JeffHoffman31, may be interested for his dad.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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