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18" SSW Stamford Wheels

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For sale are my 18" Stamford Wheels.

With the sale will be the tires mounted currently which are 225/45/18 brand new Goodride tires. Less than 3k on the tires.

These wheels are pretty rare. They fit fine on my 99 9-3 which basically stock suspension. No rubbing. They have a little curb rash on a few rims, but nothing too bad someone that knows what they are doing cant fix.

I'm looking for $600 OBO + shipping.

Notice the price is OBO so please PM me offers. I would like to get these shipped out THIS WEEK.

Thanks, and below are pics.

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good deal for nice wheels
^ Monster Truck status.

Would look good on lowering springs, please tell me that is on a stock setup?

Nice rims though
Yeah that is a pic from last summer, the wheels look really good on a lowered car.

Someone please make an offer, if you do it will probably be accepted, cause i want these gone ASAP. I need to order new wheels on Monday
Updated Price

$575 + Shipping.

These wheels were over $1,000 new. You are getting 4 wheels plus pretty much brand new tires.

I need some new 17" wheels for autocross asap, so someone please but these!
Where are they located and how much shipping to 13350? Are hubcentric rings included?
Where are they located and how much shipping to 13350? Are hubcentric rings included?
They are located in North Carolina, and I am not familiar with hubcentric rings, I dont think the wheels have them, but thats how I have used them.

Ill PM you about the shipping.
Still for sale. Someone please shoot me an offer.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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