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08/21 any interest in Colt State Park meet?

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I've posted this on, as well:

**cliff notes at bottom**

I know it's short notice, but this Saturday is my Birthday.
Becky's been asking me what I want to do, and all she could come up with was a trip into Boston to wander around. (great, another commute into Boston! :rolleyes: )

So, I suggested a trip to Colt.
The weather's supposed to be nice, and Colt is a good ride for anyone, really.
I usually head down 146 to 95/195, and down 114. it's a nice ride, and aside from a couple stop-lights in barrington, it's a "fast" ride.

Anyways, I was thinking I'd do like I always do with the saab guys, which is get there around 9/10a and "stake-out" an area. I usually get the high-visibility area that you can see from the beginning of the loop, but have to drive all the way around to get to. There's a line of trees there that provide shade, and a GREAT, relatively-smooth lawn so almost every car can drive up without worry of smashing stuff.

I'm not Really trying to organize a cruise , but I could oblige, I suppose.
If you guys wanted to meet up down there during early-afternoon for some sun, bbq, wobbly-pops, frisbee, and whiffle ball, please reply.

If there's interest, we could always go back to ABC for dinner, or somewhere else on the south shore.

If not, Becky and I will go, and relax in the sun... alone ;)

Cliff notes:
My birthday is Saturday.
G96nt+1 will be @ Colt relaxing, and drinking
You're all invited to join us, and suggest places for dinner.
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Hmm, my birthday is on the 27th.

I have to work on my girlfriends dumb Jeep on Saturday.
ill try and get there depending on whats going on sat
keep an eye.. and I'll make sure to update as we go, but the response so far hasn't been so positive.
I guess there's a couple car shows going on up here, and in NH.
My friend's having an annual party at his house in North Smithfield that day and its mostly local saab friends who attend. perhaps anothre weekend would be better for greater numbers.
no worries.
looks like there's a show up @ budweiser that I can join my buddies at.

...soon though... fo' shizzle.
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