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y r u so meen?
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    First off i wish this would count towards my post count. It would be much higher if offtopique counted. Let’s try something new. Perhaps if we understood each other better, we could better reconcile each other’s comments. Instead of criticizing each other’s viewpoints, let’s opine on what we...
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    This week my life took a turn for the worst and thankfully I have my best friends family who treat me like their own son. To sum up what happened my mom is a little bit off kilter and likes to pick fights about everything. She enjoys telling me I am a failure and bashing my best friend/gf. I...
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    Well I think its time to let her go. 95 900SET Coupe 5spd Silver aprox 170k The Good Over all great shape. Religiously maintained. Oil changes ever 3k with synthetic. Interior is in great shape. Paint still shiny. Runs fine. The Bad It may or may not have a cracked piston. (#4 piston)...
1-4 of 4 Results