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  1. Wanted Items
    Looking for really good to excellent condition SPG interior bits... Edwardian Gray Leather Rear Seat Headrests Edwardian Gray Leather Upper Rear Seat Back for a 90/91 SPG Thanks! Arte Levy Albany NY artelevy (at) yahoo (.) com
  2. Wanted Items
    I am interested in buying a Pre-1994 Saab 900. I am looking for a driver, not a project car. Would prefer a hatchback with a manual trans. Turbo not a necessity.
  3. Wanted Items
    casting on top of existing pistons is - AB & 8466 (VIN 8th = K) shipping to zip 90505, 310-750-5162
  4. Wanted Items
    Hello all, I am looking for Viggen front bumper stays, both Driver side (5122668) & Passenger side (5122650). if you have them collecting dust in your garage or basement and want to part with them, I will take them off your hand. Or, if you keep them as tchotchke in your home decor... they...
  5. Wanted Items
    I have two and need two more to complete my build. Really only interested in grade b or above. Don't want to have to have them redone unless they are cheap. Will pay good money for good rims. thanks Dave 1993 Saab 900T CE #105
  6. Wanted Items
    I figured out I was looking at the wrong place all along. So here it is. I'm officially asking here if there is any 9-5 SE for sale. I'm very specific with this model. 1999-2001 SE 3.0 V6 sedan. I'm not interested in the 4cyl nor the 2.3 or whatever else. I'm paying cash, no trades. For those...
  7. Wanted Items
    I need fog lights or at least lenses.
1-7 of 7 Results