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  1. Car Problems? 9-5 Only
    Recently bought 2004 9-5 Wagon 2.3t; excessive vibration at idle and more so in gear with brake on. any thoughts on cause/fix? (service/dealer mentioned car having short belt in lieu of long belt).
  2. Car Problems? Classic 900 Only
    On a 200 mile drive last weekend (and a previous weekend as well) my '89 900T 'vert was doing just fine cruising at 75. And then it started shaking like crazy. If I leave it in gear and put the clutch in, the shaking stops; likewise if I take it out of gear. If I slow down to 55 it sort of...
  3. Car Problems? New 9-3 Only
    I just bought 2008 Saab 9.3 2.0T with 15000 miles. Previously I owned Nissan Maxima, Lexus and other brands. For some reason I feel a very strong wheel vibration when my engine is on and my car is in stop mode with Drive on ( for example at red light) I brought my car to service, they checked...
1-3 of 3 Results