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  1. Car Problems? NG900 or old 9-3 Only
    Hey all, I have a 98 Saab 900 SE Turbo, I went to England for 3 years and she had to stay back in the states, in the Las Vegas Desert, Heat... you know where I am getting at. I am back, and got her back here to Florida where I now live. I took her to a mechanic who gave her a good look over...
  2. Car Problems? Saab 9000 Only
    I need to replace the valve cover nipple, but I am unable to get the bushing in. I thought removing the valve cover would make it easy, but there is a plate riveted on making it impossible to access it from the other side. Does anyone have any suggestion as to how to do this?
  3. Car Problems? NG900 or old 9-3 Only
    So I bought my first Saab the other day. 1999 9-3SE. It has about 178k miles on it. When I drove it, a loud tapping became evident at around 3200 - 4000 rpms. In neutral, the range that the noise occurs is wider, maybe beginning at 2700 rpms. My buddy was with me, he's had saabs for years, he's...
  4. General Classic 900 Posts and Information
    I probably need a replacement head for my 1993 Saab 900 classic 2.1L I believe that a replacement must be 91 or newer. I believe pre 1991 is different and not compatible. Can someone add to this thread if they know. Knowing will help me shop the parts market. Thanks in advance.
1-4 of 4 Results