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  1. Wanted Items
    I need a driver side headlight with lens and housing and a turnsignal lamp/lens/housing for my 99 Saab 9-3. Can use same from 1999-2003. I live in south central PA and travel to Bucks Co. weekly, so could pick up from either area. The car is only worth $500, so looking for cheap.
  2. General New 9-3 Posts and Information
    Hi all, My radio and turn signal sound stopped working. Replaced the fuse to no avail. Any idea as to how to get it to work again? Should I just replace it with a deck? Thanks L
  3. Car Problems? New 9-3 Only
    Ok so my blinkers aren't working properly. The left signal will just come on and it's a battle with the blinkers. I try to turn the left blinker off by turning on the right then off. Then the left blinker comes back on. It's really annoying. Does anyone know how I go about fixing this?
  4. Car Problems? Saab 9000 Only
    My turn signals and emergency flasher on my 1994 CSE 9000 arent working at all. I dont even hear the flasher working. In the trunk of my car next to where the taillight control box is there are a group of wires that had been connected to something but they fell thru the rust hole at the bottom...
1-4 of 4 Results