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  1. General 9-5 Posts and Information
    I have a 1999 saab 9-5 with the B235E engine in it. i know it stock has a garrett gt17 turbo in it. I was wondering what the stock boost level is. When i bought the car the previous owner have swapped a TD04 in it. im going to tune it to the 15.7 PSI that the B235R runs on the TD04 but i want to...
  2. Items for Sale
    Name: Tyler Location - additional details: Virginia (rva) Means of contact:Prefer email Email : [email protected] Text/phone 804 386 2140 Price:200 for turbo, buyer pays shipping 225+shiping for turbo and cobra intake/ pcv hose - cobra pipe has some mild porting asking 75+ shipping for the...
  3. General NG900 / Old 9-3 Posts and Information
    Hey guys, I am new on here, and still fairly new to the world of Saab. I am looking to upgrade the turbo on my '00 9-3 base. I just put a new GT17 turbo on the car about 3 months ago. But, I am blowing white smoke like crazy again. I did a compression test on all 4 cylinders, and only came up...
  4. Wanted Items
    Got a friend who is in need of a td04 for an 03 9-5 aero. Current one is shooting ton of oil through the intake. Anyone have a good one? Include mileage and condition in the reply.
  5. Items for Sale
    I am selling a TD04HL-15T-6 out of a 9000 Aero. S/N: 021129021 P/N: 9149634 MFD: 49189-01700 This will fit 1994-1997 models, I do believe 1998's as well - though some sites won't list 1998. I gave up on the thought of a modification on an OG9-3 with this Turbo, as the 9000 Turbo has a...
  6. Wanted Items
    Yes! Let me know if you have one for sale, I have cash, will pay shipping! Not looking for junk!:)
  7. Items for Sale
    I'm parting with my '97 900SE. It was my first car, and I've had about 200,000 miles of enjoyment out of it. Recently, it had a transmission failure. I installed an '01 9-3 transmission (5spd) and did the hydraulic clutch conversion. The new tranny has 83k on it. It's got poly bushings and a...
  8. Items for Sale
    Parts coming off a 2001 Saab 9-5 Aero. Prices do not include shipping. - 3" downpipe (JT I believe) and BSR exhaust, FULL tubo back system - $500 System was removed in one piece, it's in the shop's garage across the street. Will have pictures up soon. Would like to sell the system as a whole...
  9. Wanted Items
    I need a set of banjo bolts for the TD04-15T turbo, thread is M12x1.5; anyone?
  10. Items for Sale
    I have a 1997 NG900 that recently suffered a transmission (5 speed) "explosion" for lack of better word. Car grinds and pops out of gear when you try to drive it. It has a TD04-15T (turbo has about 50k mi on it), T5Suite Stage 2 ECU, a Pioneer HU with 2 Sony subs. It's scarabe green with a B204L...
  11. Performance Modifications for the NG900 / Old 9-3
    I completed this project last Saturday 7/25 and man was it a day... I completely underestimated this project and felt I had to share the experience with the community. Disclaimer: this was my experience with this project, all veiws and recommendations expressed are my own opinions and arent...
  12. Items for Sale
    T7 Inlet pipe & intake hose I have a stock T7 inlet pipe & a T7 intake hose. T7 inlet pipe stock - $25 T7 intake Hose - $10 prices do not include shipping
  13. Performance Modifications for the NG900 / Old 9-3
    I want some thing like this for the T5 TD04 swap guys. I know there is the conversion pipe but I want to get rid of the ugly, restrictive intake pipe. Please Saab gods hear my call...
1-13 of 14 Results