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single wheels
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  1. Wanted Items
    So, I need to find either one or two of these: I could buy new/refurbed all day long for $150/ea shipped to my door, but I am looking for something used and cheap. It does not have to be pretty and refurbed, just needs to be straight since it/they will be re-painted anyway. Anyone have one...
  2. Off Topic
    Wow, depressing. I put my Viggen on here asking $14-16k a few months ago. I THOUGHT I knew what the car was worth. I just looked up NADA-KBB-Edmunds, to get an idea of how it compares to a 120k mile 99' M3 and an 86 944 Turbo. My Viggen came out worth LESS hahahaha. So everyone, lets look...
1-2 of 2 Results