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  1. Events
    im sure this was already answerd but i need to know where in PA the gathering will be.
  2. Events
    If you didn't see it on the homepage, Saabtoberfest 2007's website is up! For regulars, it will be great to see everybody. Especially those who aren't able to make it to SOC. I sure hope Abdukted and the Mrs. don't have a wedding this year! For the newbs. This is a long duration driving event...
  3. Events
    Registration is open
  4. TSL Member's Saab pics
    These are ALL the photo's I took - so bare with the page load - there's about 100 photo's about to be seen below - they WILL take time to load even on DSL or Cable - so just know there's about 55MB of photo's. But most importantly - ENJOY! Photo's are in the post which follow - this is just the...
  5. Events
    That's right everyone! Saabtoberfest 2004 is back for another year. The run will begin at Dan Haddle's EuroTech Auto Repairs all new location at 131 Wood Street in Wilkes Barre. The date of our annual run is set for October 09, 2004. Mark your calenders early! More information will be available...
  6. TSL Member's Saab pics If you don't have a Imagestation account, make one! It's well worth having. Those are pictures from Saabtoberfest. See more details about it on My 1987 Saab 9000 Turbo 2.0 now 272,400 miles and going! Mine is SWEDESPEED 8)
1-7 of 7 Results