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  1. Events
    Howdy every; I'm on a mission trying to get together some Saab drivers of connect together, for the January 14-15 rally. I already started a thread at SC, but i want to reach some other members. Connecticut - "We are many, We are Saab" - SaabCentral Forums Nothing is set yet, and still open to...
  2. Items for Sale
    I hate to sell it as I love this car, but my wife and I just bought a house and we need to thin out the herd a little bit before we move. This has been a great little car, I've used it mostly as a winter beater, but do drive it occasionally in the warm weather. It's a Legacy L Sedan, 5 speed...
  3. Events Anyone else planning on going? :)
  4. Events
    Sorry for not posting information about this BEFORE the event. Rough roads, washouts, rain storms, rollovers and big ticket breakdowns. Olympus Rally can be one of the most extreme stops on the Rally America Championship. For the...
  5. Events
    Hood River, OR. October 24th. 3 Saabs entered. Entry List Website hompage
  6. Events
    So this was the most fun I have ever had in my entire life. Met Ken Block, Travis Pastrana, Dave Mirra, etc... Talked with each of them for a little while. So much fun. Luke had some issues with his clutch on his 99 but they managed to fix it or something because they ran the last stage and...
  7. Events
    Thought I'd post this up since there are plenty of people within range of this rally, Luke from is gonna be there this year, and there was a discount on entry fees so there look to be a bunch of really neat cars entered. Also Ken Block, Travis Pastrana and a whole bunch of the big...
  8. Saab Related Media
    Both saabs can be seen racing in this video: Results: Quinn finished 16th out of 26 cars that started the rally. Our friend James P was navigator for his team. The boys did a work party one weekend to get his cage fabricated. My boyfriend James...
  9. TSL Member's Saab pics
    Some former members and myself ran the first local SCCA RallyCross of the season yesterday in southern MN. The venue was great, but the conditions were terrible. Ground that had been damp and "firm" the day before turned into Ice when the temps dropped. The ground was rock hard, and once cars...
  10. Events
    This could be fun for the MN group that is left here.
  11. Events
    This last Thursday Champ, Topher, ADouglas, Castor Troy, and I took a trip to Michigan to watch the Rally America Sno*Drift 2009 winter rally. This was the first full-on stage rally event that I have ever boon to, but I think the rest of the guys had been to one or two before. Overall I had a...
  12. Off-Topic Lounge
    no saabs, but some sweet old rally racing for sure!
  13. Events This is going to be a great event and I invite everyone who can make it to go. List of atendees thus far: ADouglas Aero Palmer JK Champ kalbers Topher castor troy Lendo This will be my second rally and the first was a great time. We made shirts to captivate the...
  14. TSL Member's Saab pics
    well some of my friends told me about a Rally-X school that they have a few times a year, so i thought that i would try my hand at what it takes to do rally-X. at first i was not doing so hot and the conditions where really shitty with all of the rain that turned to ice that turnd in to a few...
  15. Other Random Media wat. Some good control there... AWD is the future of drifting?
  16. Events
    Seven events thus far: JK, I may just take you up on those snow tires... depending on the weather for the first event and if my rally tires are in or not.
1-16 of 16 Results