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  1. General New 9-3 Posts and Information
    Hello good people of Saablink, I hope someone can help me before I just give up on my saab and start riding my bike to school. My saab recently overheated :th_thumbsdownsmiley, turned out to be the fan not turning on. I thought it was the relay (the box on top of the fan) so I changed and it did...
  2. General New 9-3 Posts and Information
    My fellow SAAB lovers, I have to replace the radiator, and also the upper, and lower hoses. Are there any recommendations so far as what brand of parts to use? I have found competitive prices at eeuroparts, but I'm wondering if someone else has had better luck. Here's the eeuroparts radiator...
  3. Car Problems? NG900 or old 9-3 Only
    My newly acquired 2001 9-3 has twice done something to concern me. After a highway drive of about a half hour, without pushing it at all (turbo needle never goes into second section), I drive at local speed for maybe ten minutes, and when I stop the car I get white steam from under the hood...
  4. General New 9-3 Posts and Information
    My fellow Saab lovers, A mechanic has identified a small leak in the radiator causing the coolant reservoir to be used. Before I straight up replace the radiator I went and bought radiator stop leak to see if it could be a simple fix. (2006 9-3 2.oT) My question is where do I put the stop...
  5. Introduce Yourself
    So my wife has been wanting a Saab and decided to get her feet wet and found a 1998 900. Just picked it up from a private party last Saturday. I drove it for the first time and it was smooth and peppy, Seemed fine. I did notice that the temp gauge seemed not to be operating as it stayed "cold"...
  6. Wanted Items
    Hello, I'm looking for a replacement radiator fan to fit my 1990 Saab 900i, 2.0l petrol, manual. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Best wishes, Andy
1-6 of 6 Results