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  1. Off-Topic Lounge
    I think it's up to the mods to decide if someone has violated the site rules and should be banned. So should we ban threads about banning Viggenluca? Mods please include a poll.
  2. Off-Topic Lounge
    Since the mods don't seem to want to ban viggenluca, I motion we remove his ability to create new threads. All in favor?
  3. Other Random Media
  4. Off-Topic Lounge
    3rd car with broken struts from california roads. My jaguar broke 1 strut, viggen broke 3 struts, my s2000 broke 2 coilovers, and now 1 front strut. I'm tired of it, ive driven 7000 miles in 2 months but my struts shouldnt break so easily. Ive logged 18k miles since, august totalling in 7...
  5. Off-Topic Lounge
    First off i wish this would count towards my post count. It would be much higher if offtopique counted. Let’s try something new. Perhaps if we understood each other better, we could better reconcile each other’s comments. Instead of criticizing each other’s viewpoints, let’s opine on what we...
  6. Off-Topic Lounge
    I drove out 100 miles out of my way to meet up with this guy selling a 2004 Gto with 31k miles for 10000. I was in contact with him and he said it was a CLEAN title. When i got there i drove it and he said it was salvage. So pretty much i drove 100 miles for this lying pimp selling a salvage...
  7. Off-Topic Lounge
    Ha! I got 0 (zero, zip, nada, nothing, void) back from nowhereman or Paypal. Check the resolution of Paypal, herein under quoted. So if he hasn't paid me thise $$$, how can he say he did? Just like he says he sent me that item that never got to me. From where I am standing is simple: I paid and...
1-9 of 9 Results